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Dear guest, we would be glad to advise you when buying an fishing licence. Of course, it is also possible that we can get the licences in advance so that you can have a relaxing time with us on or on the water!




Over 800 waters in one map! Digital water list (click)

"Landesanglerverband Mecklenburg-Vorpommern"

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Over 70 waters in one map! Digital water list (click)


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  • Bodden
  • Bays, of the Achterwasser and Peenestrom
  • Lagoons
  • Baltic sea
  • Sunds
  • Wieks

Country Mecklenburg-Vorpommern

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  • Darguner channel
  • Kummerower Lake to km 17
  • Neukalener Peene from Kummerower Lake to Aalwehr Teterow
  • Peene channel
  • Side and piet waters (without Piseder Torgewaesser, front- and back pond Verchen and from Kummerower Lake the Kummerower corner (spawn sanctuary))
  • Tollense from Demmin to weir Altentreptow
  • Trebel and Trebel channel from Tribsees (road bridge to Franzburg) to Demmin
  • Westpeene from Kummerower Lake to km 0 (city harbor Malchin)


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  • Alte Elde from lock Grabow to lock Gueritz
  • Alte Elde from lock Hechtforth to weir Klein Lasch
  • Bossower Lake
  • Cambser Lake
  • Cramoner Lake (Stepenitz Lake)
  • Duemmer Lake
  • Enten Lake
  • Fauler Lake
  • Fiedler lake
  • Glambeck Lake
  • Klein Trebbower Lake
  • Lang Lake
  • Luett Lake (Schwaan Lake) near Camps
  • Medeweger Lake
  • Militz Lake
  • Nedder Lake
  • Ostofer Lake
  • Pinnower- und Binnen Lake
  • Prag Lake (Schwarzer Lake)
  • Santower Lake
  • Stettinger Lake (Liessower Lake)
  • Warnow from Groß Mickow to inlet Mildenitz
  • Woezer Lake
  • Woseriner Lake
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