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Season: all year

The young moraine landscape of Mecklenburg-Vorpommern houses the most important lake district in Germany. In addition to the largest inner German lake, the Müritz, there are more than 2,000 other lakes with a breathtaking nature. The state has a very low population density, which allows undisturbed fishing and relaxing in the sometimes very remote lakes.
The main fish species of our tours are pike and perch as well as zander. It is just the amazing pike stocks, which makes the area one of the best fishing grounds for the strong-fight predators.

Our guiding is planned according to your individual wishes and needs. It is particularly suitable for advanced anglers and provides the most successful tactics and techniques needed locally. But even inexperienced anglers we are happy to accompany you on your first steps. We take the time to strengthen your skills and to give you a certain ease in the handling of the fishing rod. Often it's just little things that stand between a "tailor's day" and the success of the catch.