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Bodden waters

Season: May 1st to February 28th

The name "Bodden" probably comes from the Low German and means "ground", an allusion to the shallow depth of the waters. The Bodden waters emerged as the glaciers of the last glacial period, the Weichselglazial, melted and filled the ground moraine with water. Bodden are characteristic of the southern Baltic Sea where they are typically separated by long islands and peninsulas from the open sea and form lagoons. The lagoons on the Baltic Sea coast have a lower salt content than the adjacent open sea areas, as inflowing rivers continuously supply fresh water and the exchange of water with the open sea can only be done via the flood channels. Because the Baltic Sea is already a brackish sea with a relatively low salinity, the particularly isolated lagoons under the Bodden waters are almost salt-free and have the character of freshwater lakes. These bays are densely overgrown with reeds on their shores, providing habitats for many freshwater bird species. Even seals feel right at home and are always worth a photo.

The waters of the Bodden chain Mecklenburg-Vorpommern is one of the best pike areas in the world and does not need to hide from the Canadian waters. In addition to pike, large perch and zander are also to be expected.

Our guiding is planned according to your individual wishes and needs. It is particularly suitable for advanced anglers and provides the most successful tactics and techniques needed locally. But even inexperienced anglers we are happy to accompany you on your first steps. We take the time to strengthen your skills and to give you a certain ease in the handling of the fishing rod. Often it's just little things that stand between a "tailor's day" and the success of the catch.