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Fotosafaris - adventure in the green hell

Photography is your passion and you like it to be in the nature? Then this offer is just right for you! No matter if you are a beginner or a professional photographer, there is something for everyone our tours. One of the highlights is the deer rutting. This unique natural spectacle offers incredible photo opportunities in the middle of an intact nature. But even the times of bird migration offer opportunities to prove his photographic skills.

On the tours, our guides take you to selected places in the Müritz region. As with our fishing guides, we plan the expeditions individually with you and try to implement your ideas exactly.
At the meeting point our guide will welcome you and discuss the further procedure with you. In the subsequent 4-5h following is hiked, stalked, talked shop, explaining the basics of photography, pictorial refinements explained, but especially enjoyed the time to the fullest.
It needs weatherproof clothing, sturdy shoes and a good mood. We ask that you refrain from using strong-smelling body care and / or cosmetics. However, you have to bring your own photo equipment or binoculars. Our guide will take care of a snack and drinks.
The number of people depends on the type of tour. The motto here is: The closer you want, the less people can go with it.