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Belly boats

Fishing from a belly boat, has many advantages over wading fishing. The raised seating position allows for comfortable throwing without cooling down. Especially in the warm season you feel like home in your chair. The low water resistance makes it easy to paddle with your feet, so that you can paddle for several hours without any problems even if the feet move continuously. In the front area are two spacious pockets that provide storage space for, for example, bait and food storage space. With the boat you can quickly drive from one spot to the next, without scare the fish by engine noise. Another great advantage is that Belly Boats are approved on many waters where no boat traffic is allowed. They are under the German law as swimming aid and are not subject to any of the boat classes. Nevertheless, it is advisable to inform yourself in advance about the specific rules of a body of water.

The "Fish Cat 4" has two large, separate air chambers. Additional lift is provided by the seat and the backrest, which are made of foam. The underside of the belly boat is made of an ultra-tough nylon fabric with PVC.

Details to "Fish Cat 4":
  • weight: 6,4 kg
  • size inflated: 112 x 137 cm
  • maximum packed: 51 x 33 x 47 cm
  • maximum load capacity: 115 kg
  • color: blue

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Belly boat rental

Belly boat
Air pump
Life jacket
Pair of fins
Waders (on demand)

1 day
1 week
    35,00 €
    60,00 €

All prices are exclusive fishing licenses.