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Carp - weekend tour

Season: all year

The wild east of Germany, endless expanses with thousands of hectares of water, from the inland sea to large lakes to winding rivers, everything is here to find. But to make the right choice of water is often very difficult. Where do you start? How to get to the fish and which tactic is the right one? Especially for beginners it is usually difficult to make these decisions. But even for advanced or professionals there are quite interesting offers, e.g. if you have been looking for the really big fish for some time and you have not had that little bit of luck so far. We can not influence the luck, but maybe we can optimize the other influencing factors to increase the chance of one of the capitals. Our guide Karsten is the right contact person. For years he has fished many lakes in Mecklenburg and Brandenburg and acquired a broad knowledge of the prevailing conditions. From him you can profit on the joint tours. In short, you tell us what your ideas are. Do you want to make the night to day or do you prefer it in terms of catch quantity rather calmer and then the fish may be a bit bigger then? Nature experiences of the extra class are there in our region mostly for free and incidentally we may also tell you one or the other interesting fact about the ecosystem, which was previously unknown to you.
You are missing the right equipment for the larger waters? No problem, basically there is also the possibility to borrow equipment. Are you missing the right bite alarms with radio or are your rods and reels not suitable for larger distances? We are happy to help!

The weekend tour

The classic is of course the tour over a weekend. For most of us, carp fishing takes place on the weekend, so of course we also offer you a suitable offer here. In 3 days and 2 nights there is the possibility of fishing together with our guide. Depending on the body of water and the number of people you camp with him in the same place or you spread strategically to increase the fishing opportunities.
The process is on as well as daytime guiding. The price includes 5kg boilies of your choice and a dinner together, which Karsten cooks for you as a trained cook. The one or other tip for cooking on the water certainly falls off.

Our guiding is planned according to your individual wishes and needs. It is particularly suitable for advanced anglers and provides the most successful tactics and techniques needed locally. But even inexperienced anglers we are happy to accompany you on your first steps. We take the time to strengthen your skills and to give you a certain ease in the handling of the fishing rod. Often it's just little things that stand between a "tailor's day" and the success of the catch.

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