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Fly casting seminar with Bernd Ziesche

Most of the time you find Bernd right in the middle of fly fishing! At age 5 he caught the first sea trout from the Baltic Sea. At then age of 12, he started fly fishing, which quickly became his passion. Today, Bernd is well known to many fly fishermen as an expert in fly fishing for salmon, sea trout, mullet, pike, zander, grayling and many other species of fish. Bernd has successfully fished more than 100 species of fish worldwide with the fly rod. In his "First Cast" fly fishing school he teaches fly fishing, fly casting and fly tying full time. In addition, Bernd organizes various trips and seminars for fly fishermen, from beginners to experts.

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Fly casting seminar in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern

At least once a year Bernd comes to Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, and together we offer you a professional casting seminarand an introduction to fly fishing. If you are interested, we look forward to putting you on the participation list and finding an optimal time for the next seminar together.
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